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My master plan was to live in Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina for six months each, and then evaluate which was best to live in for extended periods of time.Here are the total lengths of time I stayed in each country during my last trip: One and a half months I left Brazil a little early because of when my monthly lease in Rio ended (I didn’t have the will to mill around in hostels for two weeks). You know those medical experiments that end early because one condition far outperformed another?If I remember correctly they did this with an HIV study in Africa where they tested if circumcision led to lower infection rates.

The routes are not always logical and transfers are commonly needed.

Medellin’s metro line though is clean, safe, and very reliable, but often crowded.

The one good thing about the buses is that they come very frequently and you can flag them down anywhere along the route.

: Buses here are slow, lumbering beasts, the big versions you see in American cities.

They come often and are reliable but you generally have to walk to a designated stop instead of being able to stick your hand out wherever you please.


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