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The previous month, bulldozers razed the home of John and Jan Brooks, a British couple who lived in the nearby village of Cantoria.

Now, every person at the meeting fears their dream home will suffer the same fate.

Three months after Brian and Lynne Reade, pictured above, moved into Zurgena, a neighbour invited them to an emergency meeting.

There, the couple from Banbury, Oxfordshire, were told the local government had deemed their home illegal.

Two years later they spent around £136,000 on a three-bedroom villa with a pool where they hoped to live out their years.

They took advice from expats living nearby and hired an independent lawyer.

To make matters worse, the Reades do not have a home in the UK. But if we lose this, we lose everything.’Some believe local politics are to blame.

Brian says: ‘One thing we do know is that we did not come to Spain to destroy the environment. Many of the houses were approved by local councils run by one political party, but demolition orders are now being made by a rival group in the higher, regional government.

One example of the barmy planning rules can be found in the peaceful street of Calle Nervion in the village of Los Carasoles, around eight miles from Albox.


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