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Chat sex sample

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It will shorten your response times and save keystrokes on repetitive typing.With canned responses, you type it once, save it and reuse it in chats and tickets whenever you need.Apart from being a huge time saver, canned responses help tackle typo mistakes.Use them for foreign names, complex addresses, common expressions, URLs or virtually anything that you type repeatedly.Each Live Chat account comes with a set of sample responses.You can use them out of the box, tweak them or add your own.There are two ways to add a new canned response: If you find yourself sending the same reply yet another time, you can save it to your canned responses with just one click.If you have several groups, such as sales and support, and you save a canned responses during a chat, it will be assigned to the group in which the chat occurred.Here you can create new canned responses from scratch, edit existing ones, and delete the ones you no longer use.Follow the steps below to add a new canned response: Using multiple departments, like sale and support, it’s a good idea to assign canned responses to those specific groups.You will find a required canned response quicker when you narrow down the results to a single group rather than having to search through the entire list.


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