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activity allows course members to hold real-time, text-based conversations with other course members.

Different chat rooms can be set up for the same course.

For example, a course may have some chats where meeting times are scheduled, and others that are always available.

Chat sessions can also be logged for reference, with instructor control over who can see the logs.

Instructors can view, delete, or export logs of chat room sessions.

A session begins when the first person enters a chat, and ends when the last person leaves.

By default, only instructors and TAs can view past sessions.

You can control access to chat rooms by creating chat room categories, then specifying access to categories and chat rooms within categories. This topic describes: Categories let you organize chat rooms and control which users and groups are permitted to create or join the chat rooms within those categories.

Each category has associated properties that determine the options available for the chat rooms within the category.

You control access to a particular category by specifying whether a user is Allowed or Denied access.

The primary rationale for the concept of Allowed and Denied Members is ethical walls.

For example, it is common in banking and financial institutions to have ethical boundaries that prevent traders and analysts from sharing communications while implementing policies and conventions.


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