Dating bigflix

They take the membership money in advance, deliver DVDs promptly for 2-3 days to falsely establish the fact that they provide good service and then disappear after that with no trace.

I have called almost everyday for the last 8 days to get a movie picked-up and the next one delivered, but nobody in rental Bigflix is remotely bothered for this basic service running their whole movie rental business.

The Customer Care is full of dumb parrots who can only say one line, ' I have taken your complaint and I am forwarding it to the concerned department'.

That is all they have been told to say, seems like a bunch of zero IQ school dropouts.

They start dating but are continuously nagged by the Vicky, who is their college mate.

In one instance, Vicky tries to molest Neetu, when Abhimanyu rescues her bravely.

That point onwards, Abhimanyu and Vicky become enemies.

The movie goes on around their college life till interval.

The choice between Netflix, iflix and Astro is a good but hard one.


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