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Dynamic updating software systems based aspects

In computer science, dynamic software updating (DSU) is a field of research pertaining to upgrading programs while they are running. However, researchers have developed a wide variety of systems and techniques for implementing DSU.These systems are commonly tested on real-world programs.

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Ginseng's compiler will attempt to infer good locations for update points, but can also use programmer-specified update points.Kitsune and Ekiden require developers to manually specify and name all update points.Updating systems differ in the types of program changes that they support.For example, Ksplice only supports code changes in functions, and does not support changes to state representation.This is because Ksplice primarily targets security changes, rather than general updates.In contrast, Ekiden can update a program to any other program capable of being executed, even one written in a different programming language.Systems designers can extract valuable performance or safety assurances by limiting the scope of updates.For example, any update safety check limits the scope of updates to updates which pass that safety check.The mechanism used to transform code and state influences what kinds of updates a system will support.DSU systems, as tools, can also be evaluated on their ease-of-use and clarity to developers.Many DSU systems, such as Ginseng, require programs to pass various static analyses.


  1. Abstract Long-running applications such as network services require continuous uptime but also frequent changes to the software. To avoid downtime for software maintenance, applications must be updated at run-time. We describe a system based on the ideas of aspect-oriented programming AOP to manage such.

  2. Java Virtual Machine JVM 12 to be applicable. In this paper, we present a new software-based technique for dynamic updating of Java software that is completely defined at the program level. Therefore, our technique re- quires no support from the runtime system and can be gener- ally applied to any Java application.

  3. Apr 25, 2012. Dynamic Software Updating DSU systems are software applications with which running programs can be updated without interrupting service 1. We specified the following scopes for dynamic updating systems based on the DSU literature 1 server applications, 2 desktop applications, 3 operating.

  4. Thus, in general, non-stop systems require the ability to update software without service interruption. Solutions to this problem exist and are widely deployed. A common ap- proach is. of related work to §7. Next, we describe the key aspects of. but while systems based upon dynamic linking 2, 21 may add new code to a.

  5. We present an approach for C-like languages that provides type-safe dynamic updating of native code in an extremely flexible manner---code, data, and types may be updated, at programmer-determined times---and permits the use of automated tools to aid the programmer in the updating process. Our system is based on.

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