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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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Masturbation by Christian singles has been frowned on by many Christian authors, editors and publishers.While most pastors have seen that masturbation by Christian singles is a blessing done in moderation, few pastors really talk about it much. Recently, the post Christian Masturbation has received lots of attention.Masturbation by Christian singles is a topic and practice that receives very little attention, but the struggle is real.One of the comments Marriage Heat received was from a Christian single and his real masturbation journey.Marriage Heat will publish this comment as a post about the Christian Singles Masturbation journey. As a single guy I’ve been looking for a healthy way to explore my sexuality and not have to read a bunch of worldly views or worse watch them!!!I’ve had an interesting journey with masterbation and would love to share my story.I started when I was 10 ish-an aquantance said he had sex with his pillow. I did it every night that summer but stopped when I got back to my mom’s because I didn’t want her to find out. At some point I figured out lotion and was given a puberty book and eventually came for the first time and was excited. My little brothers started getting curious about the amount of time I spent in the bathroom.Next time I was at my dad’s, I did it again every night but stopped. At some point while chatting online or with friends I was I troduced to porn (big problem!!!!Then in fifth grade kids started to talk about it and I started laying on my back using a blanket. ) It brought up lots of shame and guilt and eventually when I got confirmed I quit porn cold turkey (go Jesus!!!! But it had introduced me to a number of things I wasn’t confortable with.I’d always liked girls before but found out guys really turned me on too (daddy issues, don’t label me though! I explored other venues of getting off and even sex chatted online (what was that called again? Had crushes on girls and guys but never did anything besides try to get a buddy to do stuff one night without his knowledge on a trip (sin screws you up, right!) Long story short, one night I cried out to Jesus that he had to take the dirty thoughts away because otherwise I really wanted my sin. I realized later the next day that the constant tormenting sex thoughts were gone! But I was still feeling guilty about masterbating (had been a long time! Before long my feet were firmly planted up on the stall door-high as I could reach and still press firmly against the door. I didn’t think of anything except how good it felt the whole time.


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  3. You need to beat the meat, and you need it right away - no worries, Masturbating Chat is here to connect you with horny and sexy chat partners. Masturbating Chat

  4. Masturbation chat is great when you are chatting with a slutty chick who loves "slamming the clam" while talking nasty all night long with wild and hot dudes.

  5. As a single Christian, just what are your feelings about masturbation and Christian Singles? Are you a masturbator? Do you struggle with guilt over it?

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