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Prevent msn updating

Imagine, you are reading a web page, or are playing a flash game, then suddenly the page refreshes itself and you have to do your reading (or play the game) from the start again. Some sites update their content frequently, so the webmaster add the auto-refresh function to ensure their readers get the most updated content. From the end-user point of view, I find this to be very disruptive, a complete waste of time and consume unnecessary bandwidth.The auto-refresh function can be implemented either with the HTML META tag , or with javascript.

Some web pages automatically refresh thanks to the refresh code that the website creator built into the page.

If you want to keep a web page static so that it does not refresh, you can use your Internet Options settings to make these changes.

Turning off the auto-refresh can give you more time to look at a section of the page without worrying about it changing before you have an opportunity to adequately absorb it.

Twitter's spam bot issue isn't new, but it came to a head when it was revealed that thousands of Russian troll accounts used the platform to influence the 2016 Presidential elections.

Now, the company has announced a set of changes and new developer guidelines meant to fight off automated actions and to make it harder for "tweetdeckers" to flood the social network.


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