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Sex chats send pics of your naked

I have split up with my boyfriend who now has some “intimate” pictures of me on his computer. Obviously that valuable lesson is too late for your current predicament. If it was amicable then I’m sure it is possible to have a calm conversation where you ask him to delete the images.

I don’t think he would stoop so low as to post them online but I am extremely uncomfortable about him having them at all. However, any animosity during the split makes things far more complicated.

I’m terrified that when the big day finally arrives, I will go to pieces, make a fool of myself and ruin my daughter’s wedding. Your little girl has become a happy, healthy, successful young woman. Should wedding bells ring out – please note they are not tolling yet – then the key thing to remember is that it will be a room full of people in a great mood who have gathered to celebrate your daughter’s joy. There is nothing worse than a best man or father of the bride trying to be Jimmy Carr when they are really more of a Trevor Mc Donald.

Be true to yourself and make the best speech you think you are capable of.

It is perfectly acceptable to simply say you are very nervous speaking in front of others and especially on this very emotional day so you are going to keep it as brief as possible.

Follow this with a heartfelt toast where you say how beautiful your daughter looks, how much you love her and how happy you are that your son-in-law is becoming part of the family.

Any stumbles or signs of nerves will just endear you to the crowd.


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