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Sm entertainment no dating

SEE ALSO: Suzy says she finds people hard to trust Close affiliates of the stars claim that Lee Dong Wook was attracted to Suzy's cool personality.

However, it's stated that Suzy was the first one to express interest in him.

In fact, she has named the actor as her ideal type during her appearance on 'Strong Heart' in 2012.

No official statements are out yet from their labels.

Chapter 1 My wife, Jessica and I have been married for just over four years. When we first met the attraction was as swift as it was intense.

It was as if we knew right away that we completed something deep in each other.

She has straight blonde hair cut stylishly that falls just below her shoulders. Fortunately you can't see it on me when I'm wearing street clothes.Her face has small features, nice cheekbones and a nose that looks as if carved by a sculptor. She is 5'4, slim, curvaceous, with full breasts and an exceptionally beautiful ass. Jessica makes me wear it 24 hours a day seven days a week except for when she wants to cock tease me more completely.Even her feet are attractive, a petite size 6, her toenails always meticulously painted red. Jessica takes it off me when she wants to bring me to the brink of sexual gratification and then leave me totally frustrated.In order to keep me frustrated, Jessica has me wear a cock cage. It has slats where you can touch my cock but prevents me from rubbing myself enough to have an orgasm. It would be fair to say that sexually exciting me and then sadistically frustrating me is at the very core of our marriage.It is the foundation from which all sexual behavior arises in Jessica.Or, rather, I should say it is the foundation from which all sexual behavior toward me arises in her.Jessica has many male lovers with whom she carries on an extravagantly indulgent sexual style. Jessica frequently comes home and makes me eat out her pussy that is filled with the semen of her lovers. With me nothing excites and pleases Jessica more than to find new and more cruel ways to frustrate me.To both humiliate me and to demonstrate how she lets other men have their sexual release with her. To bring me to the brink of release and then to deny me.At which point she usually becomes quite tender with me. And if you were to witness only the after-play, the moments following Jessica's sadistic and humiliating treatment of me you would witness a very loving and tender wife with her adoring husband. For the only times Jessica is tender with me are following her excruciating sexual teasing of me.It's as if she has a deep need to have someone she can degrade and mistreat with whom she can then feel totally safe and secure and loving and tender with. But then the last time I had a cock in my pussy was last night. Here you marry this totally sexy woman and she totally denies you any sexual pleasure. Can't say I didn't warn you." Now Jessica's fingering of her clit has picked up speed and she is rubbing herself with greater intensity and speed. You're married to this totally hot woman who denies you the one thing she gives out freely to other men, and who totally dominates you and to whom you never, ever, can resist her bitchiness in any way." I can see Jessica's pussy is now glistening with her pussy juice.With her other lovers she simply has sex that is physically satisfying. But why she bothers with me at all is that I provide some kind of profound emotional cathartic release for her. And when was the last time that you were allowed to come? Her lips look engorged and moist as she continues rubbing herself. Well, don't get too anxious about it, after all, sex between a husband and wife is a beautiful, natural part of marriage.


  1. MANILA, Philippines — Following the success of Mario Maurer’s movie, “The Love of Siam,” the Thai model-actor was rumored to be dating his leading.

  2. The Dogma Behind the Dating Ban. There is no risk of idols falling in. So what happens when an entertainment company lifts the dating ban off its.

  3. Their beauty knows no bounds! Dispatch. Here are some of SM Entertainment’s female idols that are widely recognized as. After Dating Accusations.

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