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Sophos not updating from secondary server

I have a been working on this for over a week in my spare time.We have Sophos Enterprise for our Antivirus solution.It is installed and working perfectly on all of our computers and servers except for one.The endpoint that is having trouble is a small virtual server used to run Groupwise Messenger.

We have tried using different credentials to access the share during the update as well.

We can create a new share on a completely different computer or server and point it to there for the updates and it then claims it cannot connect to that server or computer.

It appears that for some unknown reason it is unable to access shares, but only if Sophos is the one trying.

Sophos support says that it is an issue with Windows, but as far as Windows is concerned it can see and access the share on the Sophos Management server.

Has anyone ever seen this issue before or have any ideas as to why this would happen and how to fix it?


  1. During an upgrade from Sophos Enterprise Console 4.x or Sophos. of Sophos Enterprise Console with SQL Server on a. or secondary update location.

  2. Noob Sophos admin here. I tell Sophos to update now and I eventually see it downloading maybe 20 files but then a "could not connect to server".

  3. Nov 21, 2013 Sophos AutoUpdate Failures on my laptop. I notice that Sophos appears to not be auto-updating. Product cache update from secondary server.

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